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TheBrain - Put Your Brain in the Cloud

With the TheBrain you Get Online and Mobile Access.
TheBrain Cloud Services lets you access your Brain from anywhere online. You can also synchronize changes to your Brain between different machines and still make modifications while offline. Hosting, syncing, backup, sharing and more is all easy and available right here at
To enable the ability to collaborate on Brains, subscribe to TeamBrain services. Until you subscribe to TeamBrain services you will not be able to make changes to other people's Brains, regardless of the user role you are granted. When you sign up for your Brain Account you can try all Cloud Services for 30 days. Then you can continue with free public publishing or subscribe to TheBrain Pro Services.
Short list of the on-line features.
TheBrain Cloud Services enable you - short list of features:
- Synchronize your Brain, including file attachments, between multiple computers
- Access your Brain from a Web browser on any computer with an Internet connection
- Publish your Brain and share it with friends and colleagues
- Backup your Brain online automatically
You can find main information about thebrain cloud services in the FAQ HERE.
thebrain cloud services faq
Detail list of the on-line features.
a) Storage space excluding file attachments
b) Storage Space for file attachments
c) Synchronizing files from TheBrain desktop to the cloud and other devices
d) Include all desktop software upgrades
e) Share your Brain with the world online  
f) Access your Brain from any computer browser
g) Access your Brain from your iOS and Android
h) Synchronize your Brain between computers
i) Make your Brain private or unlisted
j) Invite and give other users read-only access to Private Brains
k) Backup your Brain online
l) Brains can include:
- Unlimited thoughts and links
- Notes
- Web pages
- Custom colors and wallpaper
- Thought icons/images
- File attachments  (up to 200MB each)
m) Exclusive access to our Alpha and Beta releases
n) FREE upgrades to new releases.
Not all on-line features are enabled with the Free Edition.
The differences between TheBrain Free Edition and the Pro Cloud Services with TheBrain Desktop are descibed in the FAQ - HERE.
After your trial ends you will still have access to all your public Brains on If you want to continue to publish privately or with additional file attachments you will need to subscribe to TheBrain Pro Services. 
You can find information regarding TheBrain cloud HERE.
You can explore other users' Brains anytime. Take advantage of TheBrain Cloud Services by publishing your Brain online your self, either privately or visible to the world. Users who wish to sync their desktop Brains to the cloud and multiple machines will need to subscribe to TheBrain Cloud Services.