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TheBrain for Android

TheBrain for Android combines the best of note taking, file synchronization and mind mapping apps to give you the ultimate digital memory on your mobile device.  TheBrain for Android works with TheBrain desktop application and users’ Cloud accounts providing universal access to ideas, notes and files, in addition to visualizing how everything is related. TheBrain for Android is a free app for all Brain users who have a Brain Cloud services accountTheBrain 9 beta for Android is available on the Google Play store! You must be a member of TheBrain for Android Beta community to download it. This version will allow you to sync your Brains from TheBrain 9 Cloud Server. There are many new features and like the desktop versions of TheBrain 9, the Android App has been extensively rewritten.
Featured improvements include:
- Offline access and editing with full sync abilities
- Better visualization and animation
- An updated user interface
- Increased performance and responsiveness throughout
You can see the features in 5 minute Introduction HERE
How to create a new Brain on your Android Tablet see HERE
TheBrain notes the following information capture and file synchronization features:
- visualization - users can navigate across all key topics and information within their Brain's Thought network and connections;
cloud, desktop knowledge creation
- ideas, notes, links and files are available on all devices including Android and iOS devices, Windows and Mac computers, and most Web browsers;
- dynamic mind mapping - animated links and visualization enable any Thought or file to be connected to anything else;
simplified idea capture
- TheBrain stores all new Thoughts, connections or notes;
- robust search - users can quickly find any file, Web page or idea;
visual file management
- Web pages, photos and documents can be added to Thoughts and linked in a manner that reflects the thinking and business relationships of the user; and collaboration and Brain sharing
- users can publish and share Brains in the cloud and synchronize Thoughts with team members privately.