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TheBrain - filosofie přístupu a hlavní nabídka funkcí

Firma TheBrain prezentuje svůj produkt slovy: 
"It starts with a single Thought and grows more powerful as you use it. Think of it as a living mind map with unlimited space for everything you want, are learning or need to remember. Each idea can grow and evolve with all related Thoughts instead of being separated in folders or lists."
Co všechno vám TheBrain nabízí: 
TheBrain moves beyond linear folders and lists, letting you create a network of information organized the way you think about it. You don't have to force any idea or project into a single folder. With TheBrain you can connect things to anything else.
TheBrain applies visualization to your information, creating a digital map similar to paper-based mind maps you may be familiar with, but so much more powerful.
There is no limit to the number of ideas or files you can add to your digital Brain. You can create a Brain with several thousand Thoughts easily and continue to grow it.
a) TheBrain lets you see how your ideas and information are related. Use powerful visualization to discover information that would normally be overlooked, make connections and gain new understanding of your projects and content.
b) Use TheBrain to manage specific projects or as an "everything in your life manager" to get the big picture on your ideas and find the right information in seconds.
c) TheBrain lets you digitize your mind so you can literally see your thinking and refine your ideas. Each of your Thoughts comes to life on-screen with connections to other related Thoughts, creating a context for thinking and action.
d) Save files, web pages, images and even emails into TheBrain for instant access. Adding things is as simple as drag and drop.
e) Your digital Brain works across multiple platforms and computers and can be synchronized across multiple machines. Access your Brain from TheBrain desktop software, a Web browser, or even your mobile device. Keep your data locally, plus a backup online for remote access and sharing with friends.
f) TheBrain not only brings up the right idea but lets you see how it relates to everything else, so you are prepared for anything. This means you can shift contexts quickly and get an immediate visual briefing by viewing connected topics.  
g) Move beyond linear file folder hierarchies and organize files the way you think - under multiple categories or projects. Anything can be linked to anything else. Track and save multiple versions, add notes and tag documents with priorities. Even integrate Outlook, Apple Mail, or webmail messages for a complete view of your projects.
Get it out of your head and into TheBrain. Get complete task management and mental clarity by creating Thoughts for all key tasks and projects in your lifeYour action-oriented Brain will put you in the driver’s seat and enhance your productivity. Create a complete meeting management and task tracking network. Visualize all your responsibilities and projectsIntegrate all information resources for your daily big picture.