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What's new in MindView 4 BE

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Integration of the mind map with parts of the office programs, is important innovation in this field. I was asked what this means.  My work on the review of the program MindView 4 Business Edition, will take a while, but one part I can already use to answer that question.
 Here is a brief description of the most important enhancements in MindView 4 Business Edition:
a) As well as supporting Microsoft SharePoint, MindView now includes its own Shared Workspace. This online workspace allows to work collaboratively, storing documents via the web in the workspace where colleagues or fellow students can also access them. MatchWare Shared Workspace offers true multi-user editing, enabling members of the workspace to work simultaneously on the same mind map and to view instantly any change made by others.
b) MindView 4 enables the owner of a mind map to lock particular branches when sharing the file through the workspace. This ability to lock certain users out of specific branches gives the owner the power to control the flow of work and ensures that the file is accessed, updated and collaborated on by the rightful users.
c) When using the mind map as a task list, the project manager can distribute the tasks to all the resources involved via the workspace, letting the resources view the tasks and update their status directly on the workspace.
d) MindView is able to track all the significant changes made to the document, by yourself or any other user who has access to it.
e) The Business section of the Multimedia Catalog has been expanded with a new set of clipart pictures particularly relevant to project management.
f) MindView includes new map styles, letting you change the overall look of the map and apply branch shapes, branch colors and other coordinated attributes in one step.
g) By default, MindView organizes the map so that the bounding areas containing the branches and their sub-branches do not overlap with each other. The new Compact Map option helps you produce a better layout by bringing the branches as close to each other as possible.
h) MindView 4 lets you create and modify your own sets of icons.
i) The new MindView presentation mode lets you present your mind map to your audience branch by branch in full screen mode, using a range of predefined zoom factors. This feature, which lets you focus on one branch at a time while you discuss the issues related to that branch, has been enhanced with predefined zoom factors to choose from for maximum legibility.
j) When printing your mind map, you are now able to define where the document information should appear on the page. You can also display a logo of 9 MindView 4
k) MindView 4 now lets you record sounds directly from within the program and add them to the branch or sub-branch of your choice.
l) With MindView 4, you can change the position of a branch picture with respect to the branch label by simple dragging, so that it appears above the branch label, on its left or on its right. You can also convert the branch picture to a floating picture.
m) If you have added information on your branches such as task or timeline data, or even calculation values, you can now customize the display of this data, and choose different text and color attributes for each of the elements.
n) MindView 4 lets you move or copy attachments such as files, sounds or hyperlinks from one branch to another branch by simple dragging.
o) You can now insert dates and times by typing directly in the Start and End fields.
p) MindView 4 features a brand new set of comprehensive high-quality HTML reports which you can generate from your Gantt charts to analyze them in depth according to different criteria (completed tasks, overdue tasks, resource workload, etc.) from your web browser.
q) Using the Filter function, you can now display only the tasks that have a specific start or end date, duration, deadline, constraint, priority or completion factor. You can also filter the project so that it only shows tasks involving particular resources. The "total slack" parameter lets you list only the tasks that are on the critical path, or tasks that have some slack in them.
r) MindView 4 features new functions that let you calculate a value based on values or field references which you enter (ABS, SQRT, POWER and others).
s) MindView now lets you check the list of all the files you have included in your mind map before you export it to other formats or send it to colleagues. This feature is also helpful to identify potential problems.
t) MindView 4 includes a newly designed set of export templates.
u) As well as exporting the tasks into your own Outlook task folder, you can now also choose to have them distributed automatically via email to the Outlook task folders of the other resources involved in the tasks, who can then accept or refuse them. 
v) MindView enables to track the status of all the exported tasks, just as you would if you had created the tasks directly in Outlook. It is often easier to see the subtotals and totals below the data entry they are calculated from in the resulting spreadsheet, rather than above, which is what happens normally.
w) MindView lets you export your map as a SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compatible package and specify the characteristics of this package, such as name, title, description, keywords and manifest identifier.
x) In addition to all the export modes available, you can now also convert your mind map to a PDF document.
( Source of this post: MindView 4 BE User Guide )